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Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest is a full animated in-App fairy tale.

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Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest  is a full animated in-App fairy tale.
Over 16 minutes of adventure in a houtned house!

It’s the adventure of Naailde, a capable witch who’s seriously put to the test by a guest that shows up uninvited (and it seems nothing can scare him!) Will Naailde be able, thanks to her spells, to chase the unwanted guest away?

Find it out with this funny, mysterious tale, with tons of adorable little monsters, playing ghosts and unesxpected turns of events!


– 183 fully animated pages
– Over 16 minutes of energetic adventure

– Narrating voice
– Autoplay
– Soundtrack

The fairy tale is available for Apple and Android devices, in english, french or italian. It’s free!




The Giraffe

4 July 2016 | News | Permalink

Naailde has always loved giraffes, so much she included one in her free App “Learn the Alphabet with Naailde the Witch!”

It’s an App that helps little kids learn the Alphabet, where Naailde plays with the letters and tons of creatures, animals and interesting stuff.

With a joyful narrating voice, Autoplay feature and many colourful animations!

For iOS

For Android

And for everyone who wants to learn a bit of a new language, here’s the italian version of the App, where you can meet the lovely giraffe again!

For iOS

For Android




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2From now on, Naailde’s Apps are ALL FREE!
Including the digital fairy tale Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest!

Available in Italian, English and French, for iOS + Android!


The animated fairy tale in three languages!

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The digital fairy tale Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest is available in three versions: italian, english and french, three different apps ready to download, both for Apple and Android devices.
A funny, mysterious tale in 183 pages. For each version, is available a free app including the first 40 pages, so you can read it a little before choosing to buy it, just like you would in a bookstore!




500 times thank you!

7 January 2016 | News | Permalink

The italian version of Naailde’s alphabet reached 500 downloads!
Wow, that’s a lot of kids!

Naailde reminds you that her alphabet is also available (and for free!) in english, for iOS and Android.500



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300The italian version of Learn the Alphabet with Naailde the Witch reached its first 300 downloads: THANK YOU!
It’s free to download on iTunes, PlayStore and Amazon for Android. If young readers liked it, spread the word!

In the meantime,stay tuned: the Alphabet in english is almost here!


A tale for Halloween…

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Are you looking for the perfect Halloween tale? We have it!

Naailde the Witch and the Elegant Guest is fully animated tale, spooky and funny, which will engage your children until the very last page!

The tale’s available in english and italian, on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for Android, including a free demo of the first 40 pages.